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 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
 Q1. Why are some items “unshippable” or only available in-store?
A1. In past experiences, shipping large, bulky and expensive items have run into problems of damage during the shipping process. DJ wants our customers to get the product they purchased in the very best condition. In order to ensure that, certain items are best to be purchased and personally picked up at the store.
 Q2. Do you have more than one location?
A2. Yes, we have a location in Long Beach, and the items listed on this website are accounted for in our Long Beach store. We are in the works to consolidate this website to accommodate for Long Beach store location. We apologize for any inconvenience.
 Q3. What type of shipping do you use? Is it secure?
A3. All of our items are shipped through UPS. We offer the option to expedite shipping (at a higher shipping cost). Items shipped by regular ground are expected to arrive within 8 to 10 business days. Expedited shipping can arrive as short as a single day. All of our items are insured when shipped.
 Q4. If I place a phone order about what time can I expect to pick it up at the store?
A4. Certain items in stock will be available to pick up at any time (ask for availability when you call). If an item is not in stock then we can order it for you and receive it within the same day of the call if you call before 12pm. Order taken after 12pm may be available same-day, but will definitely be available the next business day.
 Q5. How long has DJ been in business?
A5. DJ was first established in 1989. To learn more about us and our history please refer to the About Us page.
 Q6. Why are certain items not available?
A6. We are a warehouse and we have a very large selection of various body parts for all makes and models. However, some parts are sold quickly and some may even be discontinued from it manufacturer. In those cases, we will assist you in the most efficient way to find the part you are looking for. And in the event we can’t obtain the part you need, we can provide information to help you.
 Q7. Why should I buy from DJ?
A7. DJ has been in business for over 20 years and during that time we always dedicated ourselves to superior service and competitive prices. We understand that those two things that are normally ranked highest in the minds of our customers. We are easily accessible and more than willing to help our customers with their needs. We know it is because of our customers that we have enjoyed 20 years of ongoing business; therefore, we are always mindful to treat them as our number one priority.
 Q8. Are the parts I buy at DJ certified?
A8. Yes!
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